Janitorial Supply Audit

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I will review the products you are using and recommend products that will be the most cost effective.

The Premier Paper Janitorial Supply Audit includes the following:

A review of Towel and Tissue systems:

  • Suggestions to reduce overall consumption, thereby reducing costs and creating a more environmentally conscious system.
  • Tips to help you maintain your desired image, while keeping costs in line
  • Recommendations regarding environmentally preferred products.

A review of all Skin Care products:

  • Recommendations for easy-to-use systems
  • Identification of the highest quality products given your budget
  • Review of all fixtures and suggestions to help make the restroom operate more efficiently

A review of all cleaning chemicals and their storage

  • Determine whether cleaning chemicals are the most efficient, safest, and cost effective
  • Assess the number of products being used, looking for opportunities to reduce that number, increase simplicity, and lower overall cost

A review of Trash Bags:

  • Determine if the proper trash bag size is best for your containers
  • Identify what is being placed in trash to determine proper bag density

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